Most people don’t think about the air filter in their car. The air filter usually only gets thought about during an oil change when someone says it needs to be changed or during other maintenance. A clean air filter helps the car run more efficiently. Eventually a dirty air filter will cause issues with the car’s performance.

The air filter is responsible for delivering 10,000 gallons of clean air to the engine for every gallon of gas burned by the engine. The air flows through the air filter and catches things like pollen, dust and other debris. As the air filter collects these things, it becomes dirty and eventually does not let air through the filter. A clogged filter eventually affects the performance of the vehicle. Len Stoler Hyundai knows the importance of changing the air filter.

When to Change the Air Filter

Waiting until there is a problem is not the best idea when it comes to changing the air filter. A new filter is white, sometimes off white. A filter needs to be replaced if:

  1. The filter is visible dirty. You will see soot, dirt, or debris on the filter.
  2. There is problem with accerlation. Sometimes the vehicle will buck a bit.
  3. Decrease in gas mileage. This will happen slowly. As the filter becomes dirty, the air can not pass. That means that more fuel is required.
  4. The Service Engine or Check Engine comes on. This could be the result of deposits in the engine.

Even if there is no outward sign that the filter needs to be changed, it is still important to change the filter according to the owners manual, or soon if you drive under dusty conditions like dirt roads. Even if the filter doesn’t look dirty but it has been in the car some time, it is still best to replace it. Pollen and dust is not always able to be seen.

The air filter should be cleaned every 5,000 miles. To clean the air filter, somply remove the air filter and vacuum the dust and debris. Simply cleaning the air filter between changing it can lead to better performance and fuel efficiency.

If changing the air filter yourself is something that you are comfortable with, then you can simply pick one up from any auto parts store. If not, a mechanic can change it when you take the vehicle  in for an oil change or other routine maintenance on the vehicle